2019 BHHS Select Properties SSK Step Challenge

Main Street, USA

Below are the team activity step doublers for the Main Street, USA step challenge. Ideally, we would like you to submit your team activity results on the day you submit your steps. All entries should be sent to steps@bhhsselectstl.com

Week 1 Welcome to the Main Street, USA step challenge. This week’s challenge is an easy one. Take a team photo for our website and send the images to steps@bhhsselectstl.com All the pictures will be used on the meet the teams page: selectgivesback.com/2019stepteams
Week 2 Keeping on pace, all the teams should be nearing St. Louis. So for week 2, Take a picture under ANY Arch tall enough to stand under Send your images to steps@bhhsselectstl.com
Week 3 Yee Haw! Welcome to Tulsa. Home of cowboys, cowgirls, and oil. For this week’s challenge your team should dress up like cowboys/girls and take a team photo. Send photos to steps@bhhsselectstl.com
Week 4 Are we having fun yet? For this week's challenge, do a funny dance with your team and a "pace car" a la "In My Feelings Challenge" and send it to steps@bhhsselectstl.com.
Week 5 You're half way!!! For this week's challenge, make a short video of your Team Captain giving a pep talk. Send completed videos to steps@bhhsselectstl.com.
Week 6 Wow! Isn’t the Grand Canyon grand? For this week’s challenge. Take a team photo from a high vantage point Send images to steps@bhhsselectstl.com.
Week 7 It’s time for my close up. Make sure you get my good side. Welcome to Hollywood, baby! For this week's challenge, take a picture with something of or about your favorite movie (poster, DVD, VHS, anything from the movie!). Send your picture to steps@bhhsselectstl.com
Week 8 Man oh man, I’ve been everywhere, man. For this week’s challenge record a video of your team performing “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash. Send your videos to steps@bhhsselectstl.com.
Week 9 I’m exhausted. How are you? Same? How about we just relax right here. I’ve heard Southern California is nice this time of year. For the last challenge, send a creative end of the journey photo to steps@bhhsselectstl.com. This is the last one, so make it count!